Easier Care Coordination for Families

Coordinating home care for loved ones can be a complex and overwhelming process, but with Allegiance, you aren't alone. We serve as an extension of your family support system, helping you navigate all the details of your loved ones' home care.

Depending on your family's needs, we will:

  • Help you coordinate insurance benefits (such as Medicaid, private insurance or veterans' assistance), manage all the requirements and processes, and complete the paperwork.
  • Communicate with your loved ones' physicians and medical providers to ensure a consistent plan of care and keep doctors up-to-speed on any new issues we observe.
  • Coordinate and provide transportation for your loved ones to and from appointments.
  • Assess and coordinate housing needs, from home assessments to placement in transitional care, under the guidance of our certified housing coordinator.
  • Share and communicate with your family in the way you prefer—from email updates, to video calls, to live discussions.

We simplify coordination, so you can focus on what matters most.